These images were created using Morgan L. Owens' CHEBYSHEV FORMULAS (version 1.1)
A Fractint parameter file for these images (and more) is available below - Jump to it!

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c03_01a.jpg c06_01b.jpg
Molten Lava Stained Glass

c10_01a.jpg ca05_01a.jpg
Tropical Fish Cushion

p02_01a.jpg s06_01a.jpg
Bug Coloured Segments

s03_01b.jpg t04_01a.jpg
Spanners Hairy Monster

s04_01a.jpg s03_01a.jpg
Glass Trident Pinwheel

ca07_01a.jpg tc04_01a.jpg
Squarely Swirly We Come in Peace

These images are (c)Copyright 1998 by Les St Clair
If you would like to use any of them for commercial purposes please contact me at
...Just replace the square brackets with @


Fractint Parameter File:

All of the above images can be re-created using the current version of Fractint
A parameter file for 35 images (made using chby1.frm) is available here
Download it now: (9K)

Download Chebyshev v1.1

Chebyshev v1.1 is a collection of 4788 formulas prepared by Morgan L. Owens:
[ e-mail Morgan at: ] contains all of the formulas packaged in 30 Fractint formula files
together with an example parameter file: (291K)

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