You can re-create these images at a larger size by loading the parameters into ULTRA-FRACTAL 2.0
The parameter file is available below - Jump to it!

Gallery #2 ~ A First Look at Layers & Embossing

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layers01.jpg layers02.jpg stardust.jpg
layers01.jpg (234K) layers02.jpg (294K) stardust.jpg (172K)

emboss01.jpg emboss02.jpg emboss03.jpg
emboss01.jpg (336K) emboss02.jpg (312K) emboss03.jpg (384K)

emboss04.jpg emboss05.jpg emboss06.jpg
emboss04.jpg (305K) emboss05.jpg (389K) emboss06.jpg (301K)

These images are (c)Copyright 1999 by Les St Clair
If you would like to use any of them for commercial purposes please contact me at
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Ultra Fractal Parameter File:

All of the above images can be re-created using Frederik Slijkerman's ULTRA FRACTAL 2.0 program.
A parameter file for 8 images is available here
Download it now: (10K)

About Ultra Fractal:

Ultra Fractal 2.04 is a superb, Fractint compatible, True-Color fractal program created by Frederik Slijkerman
It is a shareware program available from

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